Peterson Foundation Launches "I'm Ready" Video Project

Blog Post
Friday, February 22, 2013

Over many years of grassroots outreach, The Concord Coalition has learned to count on the passion and creativity of its members. Those of us who spend time traveling the country know that Washington doesn't have a monopoly on good ideas -- that often the public is ahead of the politicians in recognizing the need for action and cooperation on important public policies. That is why we are happy to announce that our friends at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation have launched a new grassroots competition called "I'm Ready."

The foundation is soliciting videos from people across the country, in which they tell Washington why fixing the national debt is so critically important to our future. The two best videos - as determined by views, public votes, and review by a panel of experts - are eligible for a $500 prize. 

These videos will bring together a range of voices to show that wherever you go, Americans understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and want their leaders to start making the right choices.

And all you need to participate is a computer with a camera and your own personal message!

Head to and record your message right on the site. Show and tell why the national debt matters to you.