We advocate for smarter fiscal policy that will positively impact future generations of Americans

  • The Concord Coalition is a respected non-partisan source of information on the risks and consequences of a growing federal debt and unsustainable fiscal policies.

  • In Washington we encourage elected officials to work together, across party lines, to put the country on a more responsible path that will hold down the debt, foster economic growth and strengthen the nation. 

  • Across the country we present budget exercises, forums and other educational programs. We also engage volunteers to become “fiscal lookouts,” providing factual information and facilitating discussions in their communities, encouraging local media coverage and pressing their elected officials in Washington to support budget reforms.

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Learned over the course of 25 years, paving the way toward a better economic future.

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Press Release

Senate Takes Misguided Approach with Deficit-Financed Tax Cuts

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Concord Coalition said today that the Senate, in adopting a Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution calling for deficit-financed tax cuts of up to $1.5 trillion over 10 years, has abandoned fiscal responsibility and embraced deepening debt as a misguided economic growth strategy.



Who is The Concord Coalition?

Paul Tsongas, Warren Rudman, and Peter G Peterson at the founding of The Concord Coalition in 1992
Our founders announced The Concord Coalition under the debt clock in New York City.


The Concord Coalition, founded in 1992, is a non-partisan organization that advocates putting the national debt on a sustainable course and protecting future generations.

Concord’s founders believed, like the Minutemen at Concord, that we have a moral obligation to leave the country better off for our children and grandchildren. Our founding co-chairs were former U.S. senators Paul E. Tsongas (D-Mass.) and Warren B. Rudman (R-N.H.). Former U.S. commerce secretary Peter G. Peterson was the founding president.

Our current Board of Directors and regional advisory groups include former members of Congress and state legislatures, recognized experts on the federal budget, and business and civic leaders.

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Why we advocate for fiscal responsibility

Americans say they put a high priority on strengthening the country and looking out for the next generation. Yet the federal government is on an irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal path, with spending programs growing more quickly than the economy can keep up with and tax revenues projected to chronically fall short of spending -- even in relatively good economic times. This leads to an ever-growing debt burden.

We believe, and our experience as an organization has shown, that when Americans are given non-partisan, straightforward information about the nation’s fiscal future, they understand the need to make budgetary tradeoffs and will push their representatives to make hard choices to set the nation on a sustainable fiscal path. That is why we work around the country educating, engaging and empowering citizens to take action.

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About the federal budget

Why should you care about the federal budget?

It Affects You!

What does the future look like?

The national debt is already quite high by historical standards, and government projections show that it will continue to grow rapidly and to levels substantially higher than ever in history. The aging of the population and rising health costs are driving up government spending and revenues are not projected to keep pace.

The debt could rise even more rapidly if elected officials move forward with additional spending programs or tax cuts without “paying” for them through other budgetary changes. 

This debt growth will damage the economy, undermine our standard of living, and leave our children and future generations worse off. Procrastination only makes the problems more difficult to address. The sooner we deal with them, the better.  

How you can help

When faced with a challenge as complex as the nation's fiscal future, it can be easy to feel helpless and discouraged. The numbers involved can seem intractable and the problems may seem daunting. But there are things YOU can do to help America’s fiscal future!

One of Concord’s main goals is to stimulate honest discussions about federal finances that transcend partisan politics. We are determined to communicate with and empower American citizens to change the direction in which the country is headed. 

The Concord Coalition can help you start this discussion with your neighbors, colleagues, and elected representatives. It is easy to stay involved! Attend Concord events in your area, educate others, write letters to the editor, join our social networks and donate! 


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Blog Post

PAYGO is an Important Standard

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Most people agree that current fiscal policies are unsustainable. It is thus a matter of common sense to require those who want to enact new tax cuts or entitlement expansions -- both of which would enlarge the structural deficit -- to put forward spending cuts or tax increases to pay for them. This is the simple concept behind PAYGO (shorthand for Pay-As-You-Go).
25th Anniversary Panel in Concord Event Review Watch the Event

Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas, wife of The Concord Coalition's co-founder, Paul Tsongas, joined us at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts for a celebration of the Concord Coalition. An expert panel with Doug Elmendorf, dean of the Harvard Kennedy School and former director of the Congressional Budget Office, Scot Lehigh, columnist for the Boston Globe, and Concord's executive director Robert Bixby, discussed current budget issues and looked forward on Concord's continuing mission.