Newly Redesigned Washington Budget Report

Blog Post
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This week, Concord debuts a redesigned version of our Washington Budget Report

The report is a weekly emailed newsletter from The Concord Coalition designed to keep our grassroots constituents informed about developments in fiscal policy by explaining them in plain language. We also include links to important reports and studies from government agencies and think tanks, as well as linking to pertinent news articles.

Coming soon, we will also be including answers to frequently asked questions that our field and policy staff tend to get as we go around the country educating citizens about the federal budget. We will also have a link to a new "Concord Indicators" page that will have a list of the most often referenced numbers and data about deficits, debt and the budget.

Please sign up here to receive the reports, and if you have any suggestions send them to [email protected].