April 25, 2015


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9 Jan, 1997 - Facing Facts
Each year, the Trustees calculate a measure of Social Security's long-term fiscal health called its "actuarial balance." In 1996, this balance was determined to be minus 2.2 percent of taxable payroll. In theory, this is the total amount by which we would have to raise taxes or cut benefits,... Read More
6 Jan, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition Citizens Council has released its fourth annual "Tough Choices" deficit reduction scorecard, which ranks members of Congress on their fiscal responsibility. Making the normally demanding job of devising a scorecard even more difficult this year,... Read More
23 Dec, 1996 - Facing Facts
At first, the Boskin Commission's conclusion that the CPI overstates inflation seems to point toward a policymaker's dream: a painless procedural fix for the deficit. But the magnitude of the Commission's estimate -- 1.1 percentage points -- has everybody in a quandary. Liberals fret that such a... Read More
4 Dec, 1996 - Press Release
 CONCORD COALITION RELEASES QUARTERLY REPORTRATING PRESIDENT, CONGRESS ON DEFICIT REDUCTION WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today launched its first "Quarterly Deficit Report," a document intended to shed light on progress Congress and the president are making toward... Read More
24 Nov, 1996 - Facing Facts
It looks like the Balanced Budget Amendment (or BBA) will come up for another vote this spring. If all of us were angels, we might not need it. But in the real world, the BBA could constitute a vastly positive rule change that would assist in balancing th e budget, raising national savings, and... Read More
28 Oct, 1996 - Press Release
 THE FY 1996 BUDGET DEFICIT:GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today applauded news that the federal budget deficit for FY 1996 was only $107 billion, but warned that unless fundamental budget reform is undertaken, the deficit will rise in each year of the next... Read More
21 Oct, 1996 - Facing Facts
In the debates as elsewhere, both Bill Clinton and Bob Dole have repeatedly sworn that the budget must be balanced. Yet neither candidate wants to talk concretely about how they would fulfill their pledge. Meanwhile, back in Washington, neither party can sustain even modest progress toward deficit... Read More
15 Oct, 1996 - Press Release
 CORRECTION: CONCORD COALITIONON DOLE MEDICARE PROPOSAL WASHINGTON -- Last Sunday (October 12, 1996), Vice President Al Gore stated on the "Meet the Press" program that the Concord Coalition has said "the consequences of this Dole plan for Medicare would be extreme," and that the results... Read More
14 Oct, 1996 - Press Release
COALITION TO RUN FULL PAGE ADS ADDRESSING QUESTIONS ON ENTITLEMENTS CLINTON AND DOLE HAVE BEEN UNWILLING TO ANSWER WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition will run full-page advertisements in the New York Times and San Diego Union Tribune prior to next Wednesday's presidential... Read More
14 Oct, 1996 - Facing Facts
Pundits wonder why Americans have become so cynical about politics. Could it be because our leaders just aren't addressing the issues that matter?Although both Bill Clinton and Bob Dole know that America's coming age wave poses unprecedented fiscal and economic challenges, they exhibit an aptitude... Read More