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Bipartisan Policy Changes Can Put the Debt on a Downward Trajectory

August 09, 2017
When The Concord Coalition was founded in 1992, the national debt was on a sharp upward trajectory. Yet just five years later, Democratic President Bill Clinton signed legislation passed by a Republican Congress that implemented the first balanced budget in decades. By the time Clinton left the White House, the Congressional Budget Office was projecting a 10-year surplus of over $5 trillion and there was even discussion about whether the national debt could be paid off entirely.
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Bipartisan Health Care Plans Point Towards Consensus

May 07, 2013

Several high-profile, bipartisan health care reform plans have demonstrated in recent months that there is a developing consensus among fiscal and health care policy experts on the steps needed to move the country towards a less expensive, more effective and more patient-centered system.

The plans are the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Health Care Cost Initiative, the health care portion of the latest Simpson-Bowles recommendations, a plan from the Engleberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings, and a plan from the National Coalition on Health Care.

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Simpson and Bowles Again Show a Way Forward

April 24, 2013

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, who led a national fiscal commission to a bipartisan set of recommendations in late 2010, have released a new budget plan that shows once again that a mix of spendi