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The Concord Coalition Turns 30!

September 23, 2022

This week on Facing the Future, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Concord Coalition with our national co-chairs, Democrat and former Nebraska Senator and Governor Bob Kerr

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Sizing up the Biden FY 2023 Budget

March 31, 2022

This week on Facing the Future, Concord Coalition Policy Director Tori Gorman, Chief Economist Steve Robinson, and I took a look at President Biden’s newly released

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Leadership in Time of Crisis

February 23, 2022

This week on Facing the Future, we got a rare opportunity to speak about leadership in a time of crisis with a real scholar of presidential politics: Professor David Gergen of Ha

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Brinkmanship Isn't Leadership

September 23, 2021

For several months, Republicans and Democrats in Washington, DC have been barreling towards each other on a collision course over a pair of looming fiscal deadlines.