Budget Process

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Bringing Budgets to Life

April 28, 2018

Through taxes and a wide array of programs and benefits, the federal budget affects every person and community in the country.

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Editorial on Budgetary Rescission Proposal

April 06, 2018
Wisconsin State Journal

Last year, our leaders in Washington cut taxes. This year, they’re cranking up spending.

The result, for our children and grandchildren, will be more and more debt. . . . 

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The Debate Over Earmarks

January 17, 2018

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating whether to revive the practice of earmarks after President Trump expressed support for reversing a ban that has been in place since 2011.

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Everything Needs To Be On the Table in Budget Negotiations

December 11, 2017
When it comes to budget negotiations, many interest groups demand that certain items be considered “off the table” and exempt from any changes. The reality, however, is that everything needs to be on the table for both economic and political reasons.