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Letter: The GOP Is Deserting Its Tax Principles

December 07, 2017
Deseret News

The Republican Party is deserting U.S. taxpayers by supporting the current proposal for tax reduction and reform, which abandons the decades-long conservative tradition of the Republican Party.

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Tax Reform Should Be Fully Paid For -- Without Gimmicks

This op-ed, written by Concord Coalition Co-Chair Bob Kerrey and Alan K. Simpson, co-founder of Fix the Debt, appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer and on The former senators shared Concord's Economic Patriot Award in 1996.
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Budget Process Changes or Trigger Mechanisms Can Not Substitute for Political Will

November 30, 2017
There is no shortage of proposals in Congress and in academia for improving the federal budget process. Given that the process has remained essentially unchanged since 1974, it may well be overdue for a facelift. Many of these proposals, such as biennial budgeting, could refocus lawmakers’ attention on long-term thinking. Others would create long-term fiscal targets and automatic mechanisms to enforce them.