'First Budget' Initiative Announces Iowa Cabinet

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Des Moines — First Budget, a nonpartisan initiative to raise awareness of the nation’s fiscal challenges during the 2016 presidential campaign, today announced an “Iowa Cabinet” consisting of political, business and civic leaders from across the state.

The Cabinet includes Democrats and Republicans who share a deep concern over the growing federal debt and who will help First Budget engage voters to ensure that presidential candidates make this issue a top policy priority during the Iowa caucuses.

“I care not just about my country but about my 11 grandchildren and great-grandchildren,”
said Leonard Boswell, a former congressman and one of the Cabinet members.  “If we don’t get our fiscal house in order, many of us might face some reasonable questions from grandchildren: ‘Grandpa, why didn’t you do something about this national debt and deficit? Why didn’t you pay for it? Why did you put this burden on me and my generation?’”

Another cabinet member, Des Moines attorney and former Polk County Supervisor E.J. Giovannetti, said: “Our nation faces a simple but critical challenge. We must live within our means, and close the gap between what we receive from government and what we are willing and able to pay for in a way that does not jeopardize the lives of those who come after us. We need an informed and intelligent discussion about priorities.”

First Budget’s Iowa Cabinet members:

  • Jeff Angelo – Former State Senator, Iowa’s 48th District – Creston

  • Leonard Boswell – Former U.S. Representative, Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District – Davis City

  • Jeff Danielson – State Senator, Iowa’s 30th District – Cedar Falls

  • E.J. Giovannetti – Attorney; former Polk County Supervisor – Des Moines

  • Dan Kelley – State Representative, Iowa’s 29th district – Newton

  • Doris Kelley — Former State Representative, Iowa’s 20th District; Former Vice Chair, Iowa Board of Parole – Cedar Falls

  • Danette Kenne – Assistant Dean, Graduate & Professional Studies at Drake University – Des Moines

  • Jon McAvoy – Mayor Pro Tem – Adel

  • David Oman – Business executive; former Chief of Staff for Governors Robert D. Ray and Terry Branstad – Des Moines

  • Kim Reem –President, Iowa Federation of Republican Women – Cedar Rapids

  • Sarah Thorn – President, Thorn Consulting Group – Des Moines

The Iowa Cabinet builds upon a broad-based network of national and local support for fiscal reform, including the bipartisan leadership of The Concord Coalition and the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

First Budget Cabinet members are already working to engage business and civic leaders and citizens to ensure that the presidential candidates address the federal debt. New First Budget videos feature Cabinet members, volunteers and other citizens expressing their concerns and expectations for candidates.

Media Contact: Sara Imhof, 319 471-0236, [email protected]


First Budget is a joint nonpartisan initiative of The Concord Coalition and the Campaign to Fix the Debt to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the nation’s unsustainable budget policies and make solving this problem a high priority for the 2016 presidential candidates, starting with the early nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. Visit firstbudget.org to learn more and follow us on twitter: @concordc and @fixthedebt.



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