Board of Directors

About the Board

The Concord Coalition's board of directors sets the strategic direction of the organization and advises on policy implications and opportunities for American citizens to impact the budgeting process. The board membership includes many former members of Congress who are intimately familiar with the political challenges inherent in balancing the budget, and are keenly aware of the importance of public engagement in creating a culture of fiscal responsibility in Washington.

Vice Chairs

  • Paul A. Allaire
  • Hon. Evan Bayh, III
  • Hon. Charles A. Bowsher
  • Roger E. Brinner
  • John E. "Buck" Chapoton
  • Hanna Holborn Gray
  • Evan G. Greenberg
  • Hon. Judd A. Gregg
  • Donald Marron
  • Hon. J. Alex McMillan
  • Harvey M. Meyerhoff
  • Hon. Sam Nunn
  • Hon. Timothy J. Penny
  • Martha Phillips
  • Hon. Charles S. Robb
  • Hon. Robert E. Rubin
  • Hon. Charles W. Stenholm
  • John G. Turner
  • Hon. Paul A. Volcker
  • Mark Weinberger
  • Clint Zweifel