Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Reconciliation

Special Guests: The Concord Coalition Team

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On the latest Facing the Future, we took a wide-ranging tour of the fiscal policy landscape as the Biden Administration prepares to unveil new proposals that media reports indicate could cost $3 trillion or more without offsets. Our tour guide was Jon Lieber, a Capitol Hill veteran of many important budget negotiations who is now Managing Director of the Eurasia Group. Concord Coalition policy director Tori Gorman joined the conversation.

Topics included a review of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, the likelihood of another reconciliation bill later this year to pass the Biden agenda, whether offsets will be sought for at least some of the cost of this agenda, the future the Senate filibuster, the prospect of showdowns over appropriations and the debt limit, and the politics of immigration reform.


Challenges abound, made more difficult because as Lieber observed, “We’re in a situation now where even when the parties agree on policies, they find a way to disagree on how to get it done.”

Also this week, in a Looking Out commentary, titled, “There is No Deficit Vaccine,” I reviewed how some problems have been addressed over the past year, while other problems remain the same.

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