Reconciliation on the Brain

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As policymakers put together a nearly $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, using the reconciliation process as the vehicle for passage, Concord Coalition Policy Director Tori Gorman has been explaining how the process works, restrictions within it, the political fault lines likely to be highlighted, and whether the process should continue to exist.

Hear Gorman’s recent discussions on Talking Taxes in a TruckFacing the Future, and on the Great Ideas podcasts.

  • Click here for a discussion on the role of reconciliation in moving COVID relief forward, the $15 minimum wage, what upcoming fights over process mean for taxes, and more on Talking Taxes in a Truck.
  • Click here for a discussion on whether Congress will have more than one bite at the reconciliation apple to pass other legislative priorities and how much of the proposed $1.9 trillion relief package actually responds to the ongoing health crisis on Facing the Future.
  • Click here for a discussion on current and past uses of the reconciliation process, whether it should continue to be used by policymakers, and more on Great Ideas.
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