Fiscal Friday: Kasich Sees Eventual Budget Balance

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In the first of a series of interviews with presidential candidates, Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio on Friday committed himself to eventually balancing the budget and reforming the big federal entitlement programs.

Kasich said balanced budgets would lead to better economic growth and protect our children’s future. “The longer you put this stuff off, the more difficult it is,” he added. But he also acknowledged that in “the early years” of his administration, there would probably be an increase — “a little bump” — in deficits because of his plans to increase defense spending and cut taxes.

The interview in New Hampshire kicked off Fiscal Fridays, an interview series designed to provide voters with information on the fiscal and economic proposals of the 2016 presidential candidates.

First Budget — a joint initiative of The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt — is co-sponsoring the series with NH1 News Network, Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire (BIA) and the Warren B. Rudman Center at the University of New Hampshire’s School of Law.

Kasich said he would release a “comprehensive plan” this Thursday that would include more budget specifics.

He emphasized the importance of reforming Social Security and Medicare, saying both would otherwise “go bankrupt.” While supporting more defense spending, Kasich said extensive reforms were needed at the Pentagon as well.

He likened balancing the budget to downhill skiing: “If you are really good, you can’t have any fear.”

The next Fiscal Friday will feature Martin O’Malley, a Democrat and former Maryland governor, at noon this Friday.

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