The Concord Coalition is undertaking a project to define and promote a fiscally responsible economic growth agenda using nonpartisan expert analysis, public engagement, and legislative outreach. It will encourage policymakers and emerging new leaders to think beyond traditional remedies in pursuit of solutions to the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges.

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We are now facing a fiscal problem so large and so ingrained in current policy that it poses an economic threat. Over time, our fiscal future and our economic future are inevitably linked. We cannot ensure future economic growth without doing more to ensure fiscal sustainability nor can we ensure fiscal sustainability without doing more to enhance economic growth. It is not a competition between separate goals.As the kickoff to this project, we have partnered with policy experts to examine five fiscal and economic challenges that deserve priority attention.

Here is the line-up of papers and their authors:

Over the long-term, the aim of this project is to create a generation of fiscal and economic stewards who understand the complex relationship between the federal debt and the economy as interdependent factors critical to our future regardless of partisan considerations.

Generous financial support for this project has been provided by Jeff Fox, Chairman and CEO of Harbour Group, St Louis, Missouri.​

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Project Events

Building a Pro-Growth Legal Immigration System; Des Moines, IA; May 29

Prioritizing Productivity in Federal R&D Policy to Drive Growth; Washington, DC; Sep. 12

Promoting Economic Growth Through Social Security Reform; West Palm Beach, FL; Sep. 19

A New Vision for Health Reform; Washington; Washington, DC; Sep. 24

Kick-off of Project: Toward a Fiscally Responsible Economic Growth Agenda; Washington, DC; Oct. 3