Discretionary Spending

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Some GOP Leaders Encourage Offsets for New Proposals

December 20, 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made headlines recently when he suggested that the GOP must pay for its campaign promises, stating his preference for “deficit-neutral” tax cuts and offsets for new spending.

“I think this level of national debt is dangerous and unacceptable,” McConnell said.

 As a candidate, Donald Trump frequently mentioned the size of the debt, but some of his more popular proposals threaten to grow it even larger. Analyses of Trump’s proposed tax cuts, for example, put the cost at $3 trillion to $6 trillion.

Issue Brief

‘Penny Plan’ Dodges Tough Budget Decisions

The “penny plan” to reduce spending by one cent on every dollar (one percent a year), which has been bouncing around Washington for years, got renewed attention recently from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.