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Concord's in-person events are the cornerstone of our efforts to educate the public about the cost and consequences of fiscal irresponsibility, as well as the importance of active participation by the public to demand accountability from elected officials.

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Ultimately, fiscal policy change happens if our elected officials face a public educated about the need to make budget choices that confront the long-term fiscal challenge. You can play a vital role in this process by acting as a catalyst for group education and engagement.

Educate your community

Give a chart talk

We have created a basic chart talk to help you begin your journey of fiscal policy activism. You can use this talk to educate groups of family members and friends. We have talking points to help familiarize you with the national debt and the causes and consequences of our long-term fiscal challenges.

Play a budget game

Our interactive budget exercises can each make the complexities of the federal budget understandable and accessible for groups of citizens and students of all ages. We provide numerous materials to help volunteers and educators facilitate our exercises. Additionally, in some circumstances our experienced field staff is available to travel to your event or campus for that purpose.

Attend and host events

Host a community event

Use Concord's materials to educate in your own community by bringing people together. Our tools can help with everything from an informal discussion about the federal budget over coffee to a full town hall meeting with your local elected leaders.

  1. Pick your audience. Pick a set of people who you want to engage with during this event, whether its friends and family or the entire student body of a local university. This will give you a better idea of the space and resources you will need. You can schedule space at a community center, reserve a table at a restaurant, or clear out the living room; just make sure your group has a comfortable and convenient place for discussion.
  2. Choose an activity. Review our tools and determine which one best suits you and your audience. From videos to chart talks and hands-on group exercises, there is something for everyone.
  3. Ask us for help! While we design these tools for anyone to use, we are always available to help you plan your event. 
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Attend an event

Browse Concord's public and private events to get a sense of what we're doing around the country.

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