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Tyler Sweeney
Tyler Sweeney
Deputy National Field Director

Tyler R. Sweeney is the New Hampshire state director for The Concord Coalition.

Concord is a nonpartisan organization that encourages fiscal responsibility in Washington and helps educate the public about the federal budget and the need to protect our children and future generations from excessive government debt.

Sweeney was born and raised in Weare, New Hampshire. He graduated from New England College with a B.A in history and political science. After working on several local and national political campaigns, Sweeney joined Concord to put his grassroots campaign expertise to use on bipartisan issues with an educational focus.

He works with local and state leaders educating citizens on the importance of civic engagement on issues related to federal fiscal policy.

As a young community leader, Sweeney emphasizes the need for a generational perspective in addressing our nation’s fiscal challenges and encouraging current and future policymakers to act on such issues with the long term in mind.  

Recent Publications

A Unified Front Against the Shadow of Debt
October 01, 2020
For too long now we have watched as the national discourse has taken a divisive turn. Bipartisanship is endangered, “compromise” a dirty word. This has made dealing with key challenges all the more difficult, including our nation’s unsustainable fiscal path. 
Concord's Activities in the Age of COVID-19
July 02, 2020
As a nonpartisan, grassroots organization, The Concord Coalition’s primary engagement method for more than 28 years has been face-to-face events across the nation. At these events, we employ one of our several presentations or exercises that share the same goal: educating on the importance of  generationally-responsible fiscal policy. Like everyone else, COVID-19 forced Concord to rethink how it connected with the public, shifting from in-person events to socially-distant tactics.
New CBO Numbers A Reality Check
January 28, 2020
The Concord Coalition said today that new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections showing federal deficits and debt steadily rising over the next 10 years and leaping to historic highs over the longer term are an alarming signal that action is required to put the budget on a more sustainable path. “Today’s update from CBO provides a sobering reality check on campaign calls for major spending increases or big tax cuts,” said Robert L. Bixby, executive director of The Concord Coalition.