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Tori Gorman
Policy Director

Tori Gorman is the Policy Director for The Concord Coalition, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about federal budget issues and their consequences for the future. The Concord Coalition was founded in 1992 by the late U.S. Senators Warren Rudman (R-NH) and Paul Tsongas (D-MA), and former Secretary of Commerce Peter G. Peterson.

Ms. Gorman joined Concord after a 16-year career on Capitol Hill where she held director-level positions advising senior members of the budget, appropriations, and tax writing committees in the House and Senate. Her efforts across the aisle on budget process, entitlement, and tax reforms established her reputation for bipartisanship and fiscal responsibility. Prior to her career in the federal legislative branch, Ms. Gorman was the economist for the Maryland General Assembly.

Ms. Gorman has a B.A. in economics and an M.S. in applied economics and finance from the University of California-Santa Cruz. 

Recent Publications

Unfinished Business Looms in 2022
December 21, 2021
By any measure, this has been an eventful year on the budget front. As 2021 draws to a close, however, it is apparent that much of 2022 will be devoted to a substantial agenda of unfinished business left over from 2021, even as new challenges—from stubbornly high inflation to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant—loom. Hurdles Cleared in 2021
Congress Says No-No to PAYGO
December 09, 2021
What began as a tense week of dangerous brinkmanship over the debt limit in Congress is ending with a surprising burst of bicameral cooperation and bipartisanship. House and Senate leaders hammered out a deal that would allow Democrats to raise the statutory debt limit without threat of a Senate filibuster—and by an amount that would table the issue until after the 2022 midterm elections. Another crisis averted, whew!
Shutdown Averted...For Now
December 03, 2021
In a last minute dash to avoid a funding lapse that could shutter federal offices, on Thursday night Congress sent to President Biden a continuing resolution (CR) that would temporarily fund the government at FY 2021 levels for 11 weeks, through Friday, February 18, 2022.