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Chase Hagaman
New England Regional Director

Chase A. Hagaman is the New England regional director of The Concord Coalition and host of Concord's weekly radio show, "Facing the Future."  

Concord is a nonpartisan organization that encourages fiscal responsibility in Washington and helps to raise public awareness about the need for responsible fiscal policies that protect our children and future generations. 

As a regional director in the field, Hagaman works with community leaders, student groups, business organizations, Concord volunteers, and elected officials across New England and upstate New York. He organizes public education events, performs media outreach and engages volunteers.

As host of "Facing the Future," Hagaman dives into topics related to U.S. fiscal policy -- like health care, taxes, national security, the national debt and more -- with budget experts, industry leaders, elected officials and candidates for public office. The program is broadcast on Concord, New Hampshire radio station WKXL every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. It is also available via podcast.

Hagaman is a resident of New Hampshire and member of the New Hampshire Bar. He received his law degree from the University of New Hampshire and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of South Florida. Hagaman’s work with law firms, the court system and state and municipal agencies helped shape his passion for public policy. He invests his personal time in his community, including serving on local boards and coaching high school rowing.

Hagaman joined Concord to champion the mission of its founders, the late Senators Warren Rudman and Paul Tsongas. As part of the next generation of leaders, Hagaman has become an ardent advocate for lasting reform who works to bridge generational gaps as he brings awareness to fiscal issues.

Recent Publications

Economist Mom: The Psychology of Deficit Reduction
December 10, 2018
In the latest "Economist Mom" segment on Facing the Future, Diane Lim discussed some of the reasons that politicians and the public are often overly optimistic about federal deficits and the economy.
Remembering McCain, a Straight-Talking Hero
December 03, 2018
During the latest edition of Facing the Future Steve Duprey, a longtime friend of the late Senator John McCain, discussed his legacy. Duprey, a New Hampshire businessman and Republican national committeeman, also touched on midterm election results and the New Hampshire primary in 2020. Duprey praised McCain’s character and approach to politics. “He was willing to admit when he made a mistake in judgment or fell short of his own expectations of how he should handle something,” Duprey said.
Let's Fix Washington
September 24, 2018
Last week, The Concord Coalition was joined in New Hampshire by former Congressmen David Jolly (R-FL) and Patrick Murphy (D-FL). Their visit included an interview on The Concord Coalition’s radio show and podcast “Facing the Future.”