Letter: The GOP Is Deserting Its Tax Principles

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The Republican Party is deserting U.S. taxpayers by supporting the current proposal for tax reduction and reform, which abandons the decades-long conservative tradition of the Republican Party. Since 1936, the Republican Party has included in its party platform a “pay as you go” provision. This traditional position is designed to restrain spending and avoid unnecessary and wasteful use of taxpayers’ funds.

The Concord Coalition describes the current tax proposals by the House and the Senate as follows: “Both plans are based on unsound economic assumptions, unwise fiscal policy and undesirable gimmicks.” The Concord Coalition is a respected, nonpartisan group that studies national budget policy.

Adding to the concerns of the present tax proposals, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the current proposals will add $1.4 trillion dollars to the national debt over the next 10 years. The national debt is presently over $20 trillion.

For fiscal conservatives, the Republican Party’s past adherence to wise fiscal policy has been reason enough to follow its leadership. Please urge our Republican House and Senate representatives to repudiate the present tax proposals; instead, advocate policy that returns the Republican Party policy to one of adherence to conservative fiscal policy.

Michael King

American Fork

Original Source: Deseret News

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