‘Your First Budget’ Interview Series Starts With Kasich

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In a new interview series, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich discussed his plans to revamp federal spending programs, make major changes in the tax code and eventually balance the budget by the end of a second term in the Oval Office.

Kasich, currently the Ohio Governor, said Social Security “needs to be fixed before it runs out of money. If we get to the point where we ignore this much longer, the problem is much more severe and it becomes more difficult to fix.” His proposals include raising the retirement age and altering benefits for wealthier Americans.

He also noted the importance of slowing the growth in health care costs.

Kasich was the initial guest on Your First Budget, an interview series sponsored by First Budget — a joint effort of The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt — with MC22, a community news network serving Iowa and several other Midwestern states.

He promises to reduce wasteful and duplicative spending in defense and domestic programs. But he also wants to increase overall defense spending.

Kasich said he wants to reduce tax rates, with the top rate dropping to 28 percent, while cutting back deductions. His campaign says that his overall plan would take eight years to actually balance the budget.

This Friday morning Republican George Pataki will be featured on Fiscal Fridays, a candidate interview series on the New Hampshire-based NH1 News Network. That series is also co-sponsored by First Budget. (See link below for details.)

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