‘Your First Budget’: Fiorina on Taxes, Budgeting

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Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, in a Your First Budget interview, said recently her initial priorities in Washington would be to revamp the tax code and institute “zero-based budgeting.”

The Your First Budget interview series is sponsored by First Budget — a joint effort of The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt — with MC22, a community news network serving Iowa and parts of several other Midwestern states.

Fiorina, a former corporate executive, complained that Washington spends more each year yet “never has enough money to do the important things.”

She said taxpayers “have no control” over federal spending, adding: “Once an agency gets money, they own it.” Zero-based budgeting, she said, would force government to “examine every dollar, move any dollar, cut any dollar” to better address citizens’ priorities.

Among the areas where she would focus resources: the military, infrastructure, border security and some research.

Fiorina said the tax code should be reduced to three pages, promoting fairness and encouraging economic growth by eliminating special provisions that favor wealthy individuals and large businesses.  

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