Updated Games Educate Players on Budget Choices

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The Concord Coalition has updated its popular collection of educational exercises that highlight the importance of fiscal responsibility and the choices that must be made to put the country on a more responsible course.

These exercises put some of the most current policy debates in Washington in understandable packages that allow citizens at town hall meetings (often with members of Congress) or students in classrooms to engage with each other on critical issues, working within diverse ideological, demographic and political groups.

Concord’s experienced field staff members around the country lead these exercises and help teachers and others learn to do so as well.

The most popular exercise, “Principles and Priorities,” is designed to help high school, undergraduate and graduate students learn about the competing pressures facing members of Congress as they make budget decisions for the next 10 years. “Debt Busters” is a condensed version of the game for groups with only brief time allotments.

The “Penny Game” can be used for elementary and high school students who want to learn the basics about how the government collects and spends tax money.

Material for these exercises can be downloaded from Concord’s website. Individuals who sign up for the “educator list” will be notified whenever the exercises are updated or new activities become available.

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