Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Additional Spending on War Efforts, Oil Spill and Disaster Relief

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The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a supplemental appropriations bill which, according to its preliminary estimates, will provide $58.8 billion in additional funding for this fiscal year.

The bill includes $33.5 billion for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, counter-terrorism, and earthquake relief in Haiti. Approximately $6.2 billion was included for the Department of State to support these efforts and related activities. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would receive $5.1 billion for disaster relief and prevention efforts. The Department of Veterans Affairs would get $13.4 billion for disability compensation. 

The committee approved an amendment to provide $68 million in additional funding for agencies to respond to the Gulf oil spill. 

As the full Senate considers potential amendments to the bill, The Concord Coalition urges policymakers to find offsets wherever possible and to resist attempts to add extraneous items.

External links:
Text of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Reported Bill
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