Rudman Remembered as Champion of Fiscal Responsibility

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The nation this week mourned former U.S. Senator Warren B. Rudman, a tireless champion of responsible federal budget policies and a founding co-chairman of The Concord Coalition.

President Obama called Rudman, who died Monday night at age 82, “one of our country’s great public servants” who should be considered a good model for elected officials in both parties.

“As an early advocate for fiscal responsibility, he worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to call attention to our nation’s growing deficit,” Obama said. “And as we work together to address the fiscal challenges of our time, leaders on both sides of the aisle would be well served to follow Warren’s example of common-sense bipartisanship.”

Rudman, a lifelong New Hampshire resident, built a distinguished record over 12 years in the Senate and remained active in public affairs after leaving office. In 1992 he founded The Concord Coalition with former Senator Paul Tsongas and former Commerce Secretary Peter G. Peterson.  

“Warren Rudman was an outstanding Senator and an outstanding citizen,” said Concord Co-Chairman and former Senator Sam Nunn. He said Rudman “faced hard truths with courage and candor, and he worked with members from both political parties who were willing to put America’s interests first.”

“He knew that America had to face up to our current and long-term fiscal challenges,” Nunn added, “and he believed that if the American people were given the facts by courageous leaders, our fiscal problems would be confronted and solved.”

Bob Kerrey, a former senator and former Concord co-chair, said Rudman was “a leader who always put the nation’s interest ahead of politics” and who left “a remarkable living legacy: a stronger, safer, more prosperous and more just America.”

Robert L. Bixby, Concord’s executive director, said: “With his courage, wisdom and focus on the broad public interest, Senator Rudman exemplified the kind of political leader that the country needs so much today. He was both a man of strong principles and an advocate of thoughtful compromise. We will sorely miss his guidance and his friendship.”

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