Republicans Delay Budget Resolution Plans

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House Republicans have pushed back their schedule for approving a budget resolution as some conservatives continue to oppose additional spending that was part of a bipartisan budget deal last fall.

The House Budget Committee had been expected to consider a resolution this Thursday. But reports Monday indicated that won’t happen until March, with a spokeswoman for Speaker Paul Ryan saying that lawmakers this week would “continue to discuss the path ahead.”

Ryan has called for a more orderly budget process this year, and a budget resolution for Fiscal 2017 would be the first step in that direction. However, he has continued to face pressure from many Republican lawmakers who want to renounce last fall’s budget deal.

A budget resolution also establishes revenue and spending goals for the coming decade. That’s important because under current law, the government is projected to add substantially to the federal debt over the next 10 years. A more responsible plan is obviously needed.

One proposal being discussed by some House Republicans would include reductions, or at least votes on reductions, in “mandatory” spending programs — those that do not require annual congressional approval — to offset $30 billion in other spending that was included in last fall’s budget deal.

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