Peter G. Peterson Foundation Fiscal Internship Program Summer of 2011

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I’m thrilled to announce that The Concord Coalition is laying the groundwork for the 2011 session of The Peter G. Peterson Foundation Fiscal Internship Program. Piloted last year, this program awards stipend-supported internships focused on fiscal issues at different public policy institutions around Washington, DC. While each intern works on their own project with a scholar at a hosting institution, all students in the program come together once a week over the 10-week session for a seminar with a participating organization. With the generous support of the Peterson Foundation, this program introduces students from around the country to the political and policy realities of the federal budget, and gives them hands-on experience in defining solutions to our nation’s fiscal challenge.

Last summer’s successful first run of the Fiscal Internship Program placed five students with internships where they worked on projects ranging from tax expenditures and pension programs, to the complex relationships between federal, state, and local budgets. While each internship experience was unique, the chance to come together each week helped the group develop a shared understanding of the federal budget, and the landscape of institutions that study it. 

For the summer of 2011, we have expanded the opportunities of the program by involving more institutions in Washington, DC, thereby making more internship spots available. Interested students can now submit their applications online at

The Fiscal Internship Program presents a unique opportunity for any student interested in how our government tries to balance the promises it makes with the revenues required to pay for them. 

Note: The Peter G. Peterson Fiscal Internship program awards positions at other institutions in Washington. The Concord Coalition also invites interested students to apply for seperate internships at our offices in DC. Learn more » 


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