Our Age-Old Message, Through New Media

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One of my tasks here at Concord as the Youth Outreach Director is to help design our website. Because of this, I am always looking for new ways to present our message and I pay close attention when Concord’s message appears in the many different media publications our staff has the fortune of being featured and interviewed in. Readers can normally keep up-to-date on these appearances at our “Concord in the News” page for traditional print articles or by clicking on the “Video and Audio” section of that page for multimedia.

I got quite excited recently because something came along that didn’t fit neatly into these categories. Concord Coalition Policy Director Josh Gordon was interviewed about the scale and the nature of our nation’s fiscal challenge, as well as how we can go about addressing it, by an organization called FLYP Media. They have a new bi-weekly publication that is part magazine, part TV show, and part in-depth and content rich website for a well-designed and well-integrated, truly multi-media experience.

I think that experimenting with such innovation in getting information to the American public is a crucial element in having messages like ours–for generationally responsible fiscal policy, and all of the difficult and complex choices that it entails–reach and persuade the American public. I hope to help Concord do this, even if it is little-by-little, over the coming months and years.

–Stefan Byrd-Krueger 


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