Mark Weinberger Receives Concord's Economic Patriot Award

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In accepting The Concord Coalition’s 2019 Paul E. Tsongas Economic Patriot Award, Mark Weinberger, former Global Chairman and CEO of EY, made a clear, compelling and forceful argument for why our nation’s leaders must recognize the magnitude of our fiscal problems, the need to rise above partisan political barriers in seeking solutions and the importance of economic freedom as the vehicle towards future prosperity.

“America’s fiscal path is completely unsustainable, “ Weinberger said, adding, “As deficits continue to rise, our ability to make investments in our future is going to shrink even further. And, when interest rates return to normal, these payments will skyrocket. Is that really the future that we, as a generation, want to leave to our kids and grandkids?”

Weinberger emphasized that “we can solve this problem – but were going to need leaders with the courage to make some tough choices.” He acknowledged that “today’s policital climate won’t make it easy,” he but stated, “ultimately, this is bigger than politics- it’s about securing our country’s economic future.” He observed, “While our economic future as a nation depends on policymakers making more responsible fiscal decisions, it also depends on capitalism and the incredible power of the free market.”

In closing Weinberger reminded the audience, “The work we do is about more than just balancing the budget. It’s about building an economy that allows freedom to flourish. An economy that produces market-based solutions to society’s greatest challenges. An economy that creates more opportunity for all Americans to thrive, now and in the future.”

For a full transcript of Mark Weinberger’s remarks, click here

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