Lawmaker Sees ‘Real World’ Choices in Concord Exercise

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Residents of the Quad Cities community on the Iowa-Illinois border showed their support for improving America’s long-term fiscal outlook in two recent budget exercises hosted by Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) and facilitated by The Concord Coalition.

As in similar exercises that Concord has conducted around the country, participants worked in small groups to reduce the projected $6.3 trillion in federal deficits over the next decade. Sara Imhof, Concord’s Midwest regional director, reports that two subjects drew the most debate: Obamacare and a proposal to replace agricultural subsidies with risk-management accounts.

In closing remarks, Bustos said people from different political philosophies could reach budget solutions: “That’s the real world. We have hard decisions to make, but we can do it in a reasonable way.”


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