Iowa Voters Concerned About Rising Federal Debt

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Presidential hopefuls should note recent polling results in Iowa that reflect widespread voter concerns about the nation’s budget problems, according to a guest column this week by two “First Budget” leaders in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier.

“We find it refreshing and encouraging other Iowans recognize increasing budget deficits as an important issue for presidential candidates to discuss –­­ it has been a long time coming,” write E.J. Giovannetti  and Doris Kelley. “Other issues may grab the daily headlines, but all the while the national debt continues to grow.”

Giovannetti is an attorney and former Polk County Supervisor from Des Moines. Kelley is a former state representative from Cedar Falls. Both serve on the Iowa Cabinet of ‘First Budget,’ a nonpartisan initiative by The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt to encourage presidential candidates to discuss fiscal reform.

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