Holding Candidates Accountable on Budget Issues

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With the federal budget on an unsustainable path, Iowa residents should press presidential candidates to explain what they plan to do about it, according to a guest column in the Waterloo Courier by two members of First Budget’s Iowa Cabinet.

With the Democratic candidates debating in Iowa last weekend, the column by State Sen. Jeff Danielson and former state House member Doris Kelley was well-timed. First Budget is a joint initiative by The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt.

Kelley and Danielson point to the growing national debt and related concerns such as rising federal interest costs and pressures on Medicare and Social Security as the population ages. They also cite the special provisions in the tax code that drain government revenue.  

“When will we hear the candidates from both parties talk in earnest about these challenges?” Danielson and Kelley ask. They add that “we need to hold candidates from both parties accountable on these issues at campaign rallies, debate stages and every coffee house or university they visit.”

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