‘First Budget’ to Spotlight Fiscal Issues in 2016 Race

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With attention starting to focus on the 2016 presidential contest, The Concord Coalition and Campaign to Fix the Debt have announced “First Budget,” a new initiative in Iowa and New Hampshire to encourage the candidates to address the growing federal debt and alarming budget projections.

This project will build grassroots efforts in the two states. Both organizations have long histories of advocating more responsible fiscal policies.

“The next opportunity for major legislation to put the debt on a more sustainable path will likely come with the first budget of the next president,” says Concord Executive Director Robert L. Bixby. “It is therefore critical for the 2016 presidential candidates to present a vision of the nation’s future that is not dependent on mounting debt. We will work across party lines with concerned voters in Iowa and New Hampshire to look out for the best interests of future generations by demanding responsible budget proposals from the candidates.”

First Budget will rely on volunteers, business leaders, students and others to deliver that message. The initiative will include public forums, interactive budget exercises, advertising, meetings with the candidates, updates on their proposals, and information for journalists.

“Presidential leadership will be critical in making progress on getting the debt under control, and we need a leader who can engage in adult conversation on these challenging policy issues,” says Maya MacGuineas, head of Fix the Debt. “Voters must make sure that candidates’ budget plans add up. In 2016, we need candidates with bold visions, and we think First Budget will convince the candidates that voters are ready for that approach.”

First Budget’s efforts in Iowa and New Hampshire will be led by Sara Imhof, Concord’s education and grassroots advocacy director, and Chase Hagaman, Concord’s New England regional director, respectively.

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