‘First Budget’ Election Guide Counters Misinformation

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The national debt and related federal budget issues are surrounded by myths and misinformation that are often amplified during political campaigns. That’s why “First Budget,” a joint non-partisan initiative of The Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt, has just released a 2016 Presidential Election Guide.

“Concerned voters have a right and a responsibility to find out how the candidates would deal with our nation’s unsustainable long-term fiscal path and to know whether what is being said is based on facts,” the guide points out.

Among the topics covered: the drivers and economic consequences of the debt, Social Security, health care, tax policies and federal investments.The guide incorporates material from the Long-Term Budget Outlook released Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office.

First Budget poses a critical question for the 2016 candidates in both parties: “If you are elected our next President, what will you do in your first budget to address the national debt?”

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