Encouraging the Candidates To Discuss Fiscal Reform

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Praising efforts by the First Budget initiative to get the presidential hopefuls to discuss the federal debt and related issues such as entitlement reform, the Chicago Tribune recently urged voters to help put pressure on the candidates to do so.

At candidate events representatives of First Budget — a joint effort by The Concord Coalition and the Campaign to Fix the Debt — “are pressing, politely but relentlessly, for answers about America’s perilous finances from the men and women who would be our 45th president,” a recent Tribune editorial said.

“The time for this pressure, which all of us should apply to the candidates, is right,” the newspaper continued. “President Next will have a progressively dicier debacle on his or her oft-shaken, well-manicured hands.”

The editorial reviews some recent evidence for this, including new projections on the rising federal debt, the latest warnings from the Medicare and Social Security trustees of big federal entitlement programs, and worrisome forecasts on health care spending.

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