Debate Commission Weighs Proposal for Fiscal Focus

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The Commission on Presidential Debates says it is considering suggestions from The Concord Coalition that would focus more attention on fiscal issues in next year’s debates between the Republican and Democratic nominees.

“We will bear in mind your thoughtful suggestions regarding the federal budget deficit and related matters,” the commission said in a recent letter to Concord. “We will also share your thoughts with the moderators when they are chosen next year.”

In an Oct. 5 letter, Concord leaders asked the commission to devote a significant portion of one or more debates to the candidates’ fiscal plans, noting that “the nation’s unsustainable budget policy hangs over” all of the country’s other challenges.

They added: “Voters should not have to wait until the winter of 2017 to find out how, or whether, the next president plans to achieve a sustainable budget.”

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