Asking About Fiscal Responsibility

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The spotlight shifted to fiscal policy at a Fox News town hall program with Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg Sunday in New Hampshire when he responded in detail to a question from The Concord Coalition’s Tyler Sweeney.

At the invitation of program moderator Chris Wallace, Sweeney — Concord’s New Hampshire state director —  noted that the national debt had reached $22 trillion and that the annual budget could soon top $1 trillion.

“What would a President Buttigieg do,” Sweeney asked, “ to restore fiscal responsibility and slow or stop the growth of our national debt?”

The nonpartisan Concord Coalition does not endorse candidates. We do, however, actively encourage candidates to discuss the nation’s enormous fiscal challenges and how they propose to address them. We also encourage voters to question candidates about their budget plans when they have the opportunities to do so.

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