The Future of American Politics

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Monday, April 20, 2009

In line with the trend of civic-engagement and activism among youth, students at The University of Pennsylvania are gearing up for a federal finance awareness week to bring focus to our ever deepening fiscal hole. This isn't the first time we've seen motivated students who understand the stakes, impress their peers and silence the skeptics, but this is the latest example of why I'm proud to work with my generation.  

After being inspired during a class conducted in collaboration with the Concord Coalition, and with some motivating outrage from what they discovered about the country's fiscal affairs, a group of students went above and beyond the call of duty and academics to start a student group and website called

Further proving that there is more to their industry and ambition than getting a good grade, these students have kept their momentum and work ethic going, even after receiving their A's, and are planning a week-long celebration of their commitment to educating their peers about fiscal responsibility.

This outreach campaign will include flyering the campus, 550 twenty billion dollar bills (representing our debt) on the college green, as well as speaking events and a public screening of I.O.U.S.A.

The following events are open to the public: 

  • 4/22/09 6pm-8pm Houston Hall, The Hall of Flags - IOUSA screening.
  • 4/23/09 4pm-6pm Huntsman Hall, Room F35 - Professor Don Kettl speaks on The Economy and the Future of American Democracy 

If you are in Philadelphia check out these events, and if you are not visit the student's website at We will also try and update you on their activities as they continue their work.


Stefan Byrd-Krueger