Wyoming Citizens Respond to former Senator Simpson's Call for Action; Support the Bowles-Simpson Commission in Public Letter

In response to a sold-out presentation by Deficit Commission co-chair Alan Simpson in Jackson Hole, more than 200 Wyoming citizens signed a public letter calling on their elected leaders to act on our nation's fiscal challenge.





Former Senator Alan Simpson has it right: this country cannot continue to overspend wildly, borrowing almost half of what it spends. We must take control of our exploding deficit, which has accrued under both political parties.

Simpson, Co-chair of the Bowles-Simpson commission on fiscal reform, presented their report to over 500 Jackson Hole residents on June 26.

Key recommendations in this “Moment of Truth” report include: 

  1. Cut discretionary spending including military.
  2. Comprehensive tax reform that removes loopholes, cuts subsidies, lowers the tax rate and generates more revenue.
  3. Contain burgeoning health care costs.
  4. Reform entitlements like Social Security and Medicare to make them sustainable, while protecting the most needy.

[Full text at www.fiscalcommission.gov]

We the undersigned ask our federal elected officials to endorse this sensible compromise plan and to put it into law in order to keep our nation from going broke. The political games must end. Everything needs to be on the table and compromise will be essential to success. 


Tom Frisbie, Chair, Teton County Democrat Party
T.R. Pierce, Chair, Teton County Republican Party
Becky Frisbie
Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Colleen R. Thompson
Lisa daCosta
Ruth Ann Petroff
Leland Christensen
Paul Hansen and Kay Stratman
John and Elaine Carney
John and Mary Kay Turner
Paul Vogelheim
Richard and Alison Jones
Jennifer and Michael Tennican
Zach Hall and Julie Giacobassi
Robin and Carol Farkas
Laurent Roux and Lori Zalbowitz
Jay Kaplan
Mickey Babcock
Stuart Sugarman and O’Ann Fredstrom
Macon Brock
Jason and Jean Lewis
Ron and Rose Novak
Elliot S. and Frances G. Gerson
Craig and Carol Schwender
Bland Hoke
Elizabeth S. Hoke
Lisa Robertson
Charlie Thompson and Nancy Leon
Sara Flitner
John and Carol Gonnella
Dave Muskat
April Hankey
Warren and Debbie Machol
The Reverend Kenneth J. Asel and Janice Morrison Asel
Ned Thomas
Sheldon and Bonnie Guren
Huntley and Joan Baldwin
Bill and Cheryl Schwartz
Bill Collins
Stan and Mary Flitner
Nancy Guthrie
Missy Falcey
James T. Wallace
John A. Wallace
Carol and Bill Maloney
Tim McClure
Regena Field
Mike Vinson
Edgar D. Jannotta Jr. and Erika Pearsall
Sue Simpson Gallagher
Pete and Jean Jorgenson
Jim and Glennis Nokes
Ann and Rob McKee
Barbara and Stan Trachtenberg
David Wendt and Olivia Meigs
Terry Winchell and Claudia Bonnist
Bill Wotkins
Doug and Cindee George
Josh Thulin
Steve and Sonja Sharkey
Cindy and Phil Cohen
Ann and Randall Cresswell
Bobby and Mimi Stein
Jennifer and Jonathan Scott
JJ Healy
Rich Bloom and Rebecca Woods
Blythe and Colby Cox
Ralph and Louise Haberfeld
Mike Sillman
Berta and Carol Wetzel
Dan and Mary Armour
Mike Halloran
Becky and Tom Shell
Bobbi and James Moses
Ed and Susan Thulin
Holly Copeland
Jeremias Thuesen
James C. Stratman
Lynne and Brian Butler
Clarene and Creed Law
Jay and Dale Kaplan
Julie Schmidlaap
Carl Schmidlapp
Pamela Rankin
Shelly Simonton
Scott Spector and Sandra Masur
Jim and Betsy Hesser
Diann and Tom Mann
Mary Morgan Springer
Bruce Hawtin
Anthony W. White
Tony Panarisi
Addie and Ted Donnan
Fred and Mary Reimers
Richard Uhl
Pat and Dan Baker
Albert Upsher
David and Lisa Carlin
Walt and Joanne Thulin
Ann Smith
Tony Brooks
Richard and Valerie Beck
Jean and Andy Schwartz
[As of noon MDT, July 1, 2011]