Statement of The Concord Coalition's Fiscal Advisory Councils

February 2, 2011

The National Debt Is A Real Threat


Mission Statement

By signing this Mission Statement, we join with other Americans of all political persuasions in urging the President and the Congress to promptly develop and approve a bold, comprehensive plan to avoid an explosion of federal debt that could devastate the economy, weaken our national security and unfairly burden future generations. We have concluded that this plan must include spending reductions and increased tax revenues, along the lines recently recommended by two bipartisan national commissions.

We seek to assure the economic growth and fiscal sustainability of this nation free from the encumbrances of growing debt and creditors, whether foreign or domestic; to increase the likelihood that our children and grandchildren will enjoy an enhanced quality of life, and to reduce the widening disparity in incomes and wealth within the U.S. population.


 The Issues

At the core we must regain our national values and replace a pervasive short-term focus with long-term thinking. It is about setting national priorities and creating long-term growth; it involves making choices as to how we invest in our future; it concerns ensuring fairness for all citizens from all financial classes and ethnic backgrounds; it means making sacrifices to improve society for our children and grandchildren; it relates to protecting our national standing in the world, securing both our safety and continued leadership role in a rapidly changing environment. Balancing our budget, reining in our national debt and honestly addressing expense and revenue issues are crucial to these goals. We fear a financial crisis if we do not act.


The Two Commission Reports

 Recently the President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Reduction Task Force set forth possible solutions to our national debt crisis. The recommendations of these national commissions have been met by a chorus of rejection from some elements of the political left and some from the political right. Some will not think about reductions in government spending and the others will not think about increases in federal revenues. Both are unwilling to compromise across party lines. They count on a lack of public alarm about the debt crisis. We intend to prove them wrong. We ask them to put country before party or uncompromising ideology.


Time for Action

As an active group of people in seven cities, we represent many different localities and political affiliations. We have come together over a period of time, starting out in our own local communities. It is clear to us that only when we act as a united, national citizenry can we hope our representatives will listen and act. We are actively creating an ongoing large and broad, grass-roots signature base coming together for a national effort of united citizens of all ages dedicated to keeping our country strong, with a promising future.

We support this Mission Statement and urge responsible action by Congress and the President to solve America’s fiscal and debt problems.



Doug Cox

Bubbie Munroe




Luke Repici


Dina Fliss

Mark Litow

Louis Maier III

Mark O'Connell

Bob Shapiro

Jim Woo


Bob Harris




Los Angeles

Charlene Cooney



Paul Posner 







San Francisco

Avery Chope

Bill Evers

Leon Huntting

Tina Frank

Mel Owen

David Ginsborg

Steve Weiner