The Concord Coalition is a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility and reform. Since 1992 Concord has worked to educate the American public about the causes and consequences of the growing federal debt and the need to develop realistic solutions for sustainable budgets.

Concord Executive Director Robert L. Bixby and the organization’s other budget experts are interviewed and quoted by journalists in Washington and around the country, from media organizations of all sizes, on a wide variety of subjects.

These subjects include the latest fiscal projections and proposals, health care, federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, other domestic spending, the defense budget, economic growth and the congressional budget process.     

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Press Release

Concord Coalition Applauds President's Call for Rapid, Bi-Partisan Engagement on Deficit Reduction

April 13, 2011


WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today applauded the call by President Obama to begin high-level, bipartisan negotiations on a comprehensive plan to tackle federal deficits and the country’s long-term fiscal challenges. While there is still a big gap in specificity on the policies necessary to achieve a stable fiscal path, hopefully the negotiators can build on the Senate’s current good faith effort to devise a balanced legislative package. 

Press Release

Concord Coalition Commends Deficit Reduction Goal of Ryan's Budget Proposal But Urges Flexibility in Bipartisan Negotiations

April 05, 2011

WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today commended House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) for putting forward a serious proposal to reduce projected deficits by more than $1.6 trillion over the coming decade. Concord cautioned, however, that the proposal’s policy mix is unlikely to attract bipartisan support and is best viewed as a marker for future negotiations with the Senate and the Obama administration.

Press Release

Concord Coalition Supports Senators’ Call For Comprehensive Deficit Reduction And Asks House To Make A Similar Commitment

March 21, 2011

WASHINGTON – With a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the President’s proposed budget showing unsustainable deficits mounting over the coming decade, The Concord Coalition today called on President Obama and the House of Representatives to embrace a call from 64 senators of both parties to “engage in a broader discussion about a comprehensive deficit reduction package.”

“The senators hit the nail on the head, and CBO’s analysis of the President’s budget supports their point,” said Robert L. Bixby, Concord’s executive director.