The Concord Coalition is a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility and reform. Since 1992 Concord has worked to educate the American public about the causes and consequences of the growing federal debt and the need to develop realistic solutions for sustainable budgets.

Concord Executive Director Robert L. Bixby and the organization’s other budget experts are interviewed and quoted by journalists in Washington and around the country, from media organizations of all sizes, on a wide variety of subjects.

These subjects include the latest fiscal projections and proposals, health care, federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, other domestic spending, the defense budget, economic growth and the congressional budget process.     

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Press Release

Forum to Feature Experts on Pro-Growth Tax Reform

WASHINGTON – The third forum in a new initiative to focus attention on the nation’s fiscal challenges will be held in New York City on Thursday, Sept. 27. The program will feature Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury; Martin Feldstein, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors; David M. Cote; Chairman and CEO of Honeywell; Alfred P. West, Jr., Chairman of the American Business Council and CEO of SEI; and Navin Thukkaram, COO of Qwiki.

Press Release

Bipartisan Group of Former Members of Congress to Host Four Forums on National Fiscal Crisis

WASHINGTON, September 7, 2012 – Former U.S. senators Sam Nunn (D-GA), Pete Domenici (R-NM), Warren Rudman (R-NH), and Evan Bayh (D-IN) have convened a bipartisan group of former senators and representatives to come together for four forums between now and the first presidential debate to raise public consciousness of the country’s growing and unsustainable debt. They are calling their effort, Strengthening of America—Our Children’s Future.

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Concord Coalition Releases Updated 'Key Questions’ for Voters to Ask Candidates for Federal Office

WASHINGTON -- With the Republican National Convention this week and the Democrats’ gathering not far behind, The Concord Coalition today released an updated version of its “Key Questions Voters Should Ask Candidates About Our Nation’s Fiscal Future.” Concord urges all candidates for federal office to provide voters with clear explanations of how they would hold down federal deficits, reform the tax system, repair the entitlement programs and put

Press Release

CBO Projections Show Difficult Decisions Ahead -- And Why Candidates Should Avoid Unrealistic Promises

WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition said today that new projections by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) underscore the need for Washington to commit to long-term fiscal reforms while dealing with this year’s looming budget decisions.

Concord said the new numbers should also provide a sobering picture for this year’s candidates for federal office -- one that should temper election-year impulses to offer voters unrealistic promises.