Twin County Residents Attempt to Balance Federal Budget

Published Mar 20, 2019. By Amanda Purcell .

GREENPORT — Twin County residents acted as members of Congress on Tuesday when they tried to balance the federal budget as part of an exercise hosted in part by U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-19.

About 30 residents attended the exercise held at the Professional Academic Center at Columbia-Greene Community College. The exercise was co-hosted by the Concord Coalition — a nonpartisan group that focuses on national debt. . . .

Concord Coalition National Field Director Phil Smith asked participants to take principles, priorities and politics into account.

“As much as we try to de-politicize this [the federal budget], there is probably not a more political document in the world,” he said. “Will you be re-elected after you put this federal budget together?”

Some policies would reduce spending and raise revenues while others would add spending and others lower taxes, which would increase deficits. The challenge was to muster a majority out of each group, Smith said.