Trump Flip-flops on 2 Budget Items Baffle, Vex Experts

Published Mar 31, 2020. By David Sherfinski.

President Trump has now reversed his own budget team on two high-profile cuts, leaving budget experts scratching their heads over the disconnect between the chief executive and the blueprint he signed his name to. . . . 

Robert Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition, said no recent past examples of such rapid-fire reversals immediately came to mind.

He said the president’s reversals have created a bizarre situation where he’s touting deficit reductions while undoing some of the very cuts that allowed him to claim he was making headway on fiscal health.

“He gets to claim the budgetary savings and then he gets to claim that he’s restoring the money, which is actually kind of bizarre,” Mr. Bixby said. “He presents it as if, ‘I’m going to fund this Great Lakes Project and I’m going to fund the Special Olympics,’ as if he wasn’t the one that took the money away in the first place. That seems to me kind of unique.”