Our opinion: End silent treatment about debt, deficit

Published Nov 5, 2019. By Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.

Presidential candidates talk about what more they will do if they get more money — extracted from somebody else, of course. They studiously avoid any talk of belt-tightening and doing without in order to contain runaway spending.

And the journalists on presidential debate panels thus far are not helping. Some appear more interested in asking sound-bite questions than delving into topics as patently un-sexy as debt and deficit. According to the Reason Foundation, more than 300 questions have been asked at presidential forums thus far. How many of those questions have been about the national debt? Zero.

Aside from Reason, Concord Coalition, Fix the Debt Coalition and similar organizations, debt and deficit is getting the silent treatment.

Since presidential hopefuls, other candidates and even national journalists won’t talk about it, the responsibility defaults to everyday citizens. Now, constituents and attendees at candidate appearances and town halls should be asking the questions.