No government shutdown after president signs bipartisan budget

Published Aug 2, 2019. By Jourdan Bennett-Begaye.

Robert Bixby, president of The Concord Coalition, disapproves of the “fiscally irresponsible” budget.

“Raising the 2020 and 2021 spending caps by more than $300 billion and then allowing the caps to expire is a bizarre reaction to recent projections that budget deficits will exceed $1 trillion as soon as this year,” he said. “If there is any good news, it is that President Trump and Congress have at least lowered the chances of another government shutdown and suspended the debt limit for two years, postponing for now the dangerous prospect of default.”

“The bad news is that the agreement was purchased at the cost of increasing the deficit and raising the debt from their already elevated levels. Less than a quarter of the proposed new spending would be offset. This type of ‘bipartisan cooperation’ is all too familiar and ignores the economic harm that will inevitably come from failing to put the budget on a sustainable path,” he said.