Kentland Rotary members hear about the federal debt

Published Aug 13, 2020.

(Kevin) Wiley is involved with the Concord Coalition a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility and reform.

Since 1992 Concord has worked to educate the American public about the causes and consequences of the growing federal debt and the need to develop realistic solutions for sustainable budgets. Wiley was joined by Concord Coalition staff, Tori Gorman, policy director, Phil Smith, National Field Director, and Tyler Sweeney, Deputy National Field Director.

Gorman, began the program by reviewing federal budget statistics put together by the Congressional Budget Office, showing that the federal debt was already approaching record levels before COVID-19; what was included and the financial impact each package put together by Congress for COVID-19 relief beginning in March 2020 has increased and changed over the months. One of the slides shows that by 2030, COVID-19 will have added $8 trillion to the U.S. debt.


Kevin Wiley
Kevin Wiley
Indiana Volunteer State Director

Kevin Wiley has been active with The Concord Coalition since the mid-1990s, playing key roles in Indiana public forums on U.S. fiscal affairs. These include programs at universities including Purdue, Valparaiso and Ball State. He annually presents Concord’s educational programs at Ball State University's Bowen Institute for Political Participation.

Wiley has also given many presentations to adults and young people at the invitation of various Rotary clubs and members of the Indiana congressional delegation. In 2018 he received Concord’s Tom Rogers Volunteer of the Year Award at the organization’s annual Economic Patriot Dinner.

A 30-year career in the logistics industry helped set the stage for Wiley’s civic involvement and leadership. He owns Wiley Logistics Solutions LLC.

Wiley is a former Rotary club president and and continues to serve the public in his home community of West Lafayette in many ways. He is the head boys tennis coach at Benton Central High School in nearby Oxford.

Wiley and Janet, his wife of 31 years, have two adult daughters. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Indiana University in Bloomington.