Fresno High Schoolers Tackle Federal Deficit

Published Nov 8, 2011. By Margaret Carrero.
In KMJ Now.

Dozens of Fresno High School students have taken up the daunting task of trying to reduce the federal deficit.Dressed for their roles in business attire, more than 100 Advanced Placement government students from throughout Fresno Unified joined forces Tuesday at Fresno State's Craig School of Business for a mock Congressional budget meeting.    Hoover High senior Ben Akioyome says the goal is " trim 1.2 trillion dollars of debt."Which, of course, the bipartisan Congressional Super Committee has been charged with but have yet to come up with any solid plans.Akioyome says he's been looking forward to Tuesday's meeting with the hope that local students can put their heads together and come up with some sort of agreement.Janet Ryan with the Concord Coalition, which is sponsoring the event, says in years past they would have encouraged students to balance the books but "...the hole has just gotten too deep."    So, it's all about deficit reduction, and the students are using the same items currently being weighed by the Super Committee.Among the choices: go ONLY taxes or ONLY spending cuts or a combination of the two.The students were also asked to keep a few things in mind: How will their decisions affect the nation's economy in the short and long term?What affect with their choices have beyond numbers?How will voters respond to their decisions?