Fact-Checking Ryan's Speech: Who Has Proposed a Balanced Budget?

Published Sep 25, 2012. By Deirdre Shesgreen.
In Gannett.


Ryan said Obama has never submitted a balanced budget.

Is this true? For an answer, we turned to Josh Gordon, policy director at the Concord

Coalition, an advocacy group that promotes fiscal responsibility. He said Ryan’s assertion is

accurate, but notes that Republicans in Congress—including Ryan–have also not submitted a

balanced budget proposal.

“Neither party has presented balanced budget because the deficits right now are too large

and there’s no way to make the math work in ten years,” said Gordon. Ten years is the time

frame that the lawmakers and the White House generally use to for budget proposals.

Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee and as such was charged with drafting the

GOP alternative to Obama’s budget plan.

The Wisconsin lawmaker’s own estimates say that under his plan, the budget would not be

balanced until between 2030 and 2040.

FactCheck.Org has this in-depth look at Romney’s economic plan. And here’s their take on

Obama’s claims of fiscal responsibility.