Diverse D.C. Policy Groups Urge End to Tax Extenders

Published May 7, 2019. By Kay Bell.

A dozen groups spanning the political spectrum are urging Congress to let zombie tax extenders remain dead. . . . 

"Though our organizations span the political spectrum, we all agree that it is time to stop making tax policy one year at a time. Bringing back these temporary tax giveaways, particularly on a retroactive basis after most Americans have already filed their taxes, is bad tax, fiscal, and economic policy," said the groups in the letter sent to House and Senate leaders and tax-writing committees.

The signatories are the leaders of, in alphabetical order, Americans for Prosperity; Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget; Competitive Enterprise Institute's Center for Energy and Environment; Concord Coalition; Economic Policy Institute; Freedom Partners; FreedomWorks; Heritage Action; Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy; Progressive Policy Institute's Center for Funding America's Future; Tax March; and U.S. PIRG.